The Top 10 Movies of 2013

Last year was ruled by the likes of The Avengers and Zero Dark Thirty. What will the new year hearken? Tune in to find out!

1) Gravity

2) The Way, Way Back

3) Captain Phillips

4) Now You See Me

5) Star Trek Into Darkness

6) Don Jon

7) 42

8) Iron Man 3

9) The Croods

10) The World's End

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The Top 10 Movies of 2012

As the supposed end of the Mayan calendar is upon us, we look forward to what the top films of the year will be!

1) Zero Dark Thirty

2) Marvel's The Avengers

3) Argo

4) Django Unchained

5) The Cabin in the Woods

6) 21 Jump Street

7) ParaNorman

8) Wreck-It Ralph

9) Looper

10) Seven Psychopaths

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The Top 10 Movies of 2011 (Non-Definitive Edition)

With the 2011 film season underway, it's time to start ranking the best films I've seen released this year! Enjoy.

1) The Artist

2) Drive

3) Moneyball

4) 50/50

5) Hugo

6) Arthur Christmas

7) The Help

8) Hanna

9) Win Win

10) The Descendants

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The Top 10 Movies of 2010 (Non-Definitive Edition)

I don't claim to be the best authority on films, but I think I've seen enough movies this year to justify creating my list to what I think are the top 10 movies of the year. Of course, the list will constantly be morphing, and I'll change rankings whenever I see something that deserves a spot on the list.

1) Black Swan

2) Blue Valentine

3) The King's Speech

4) Inception

5) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo*

6) The Fighter

7) The Town

8) Let Me In

9) The Way Back

10) The Book of Eli

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* Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was originally released in 2009. However, the US release date was in 2010, so I'm counting it towards this year.