The Top 10 Movies of 2010 (Non-Definitive Edition)

I don't claim to be the best authority on films, but I think I've seen enough movies this year to justify creating my list to what I think are the top 10 movies of the year. Of course, the list will constantly be morphing, and I'll change rankings whenever I see something that deserves a spot on the list.

1) Black Swan

2) Blue Valentine

3) The King's Speech

4) Inception

5) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo*

6) The Fighter

7) The Town

8) Let Me In

9) The Way Back

10) The Book of Eli

I hope you'll leave feedback (criticism is encouraged) and recommendations, thanks for reading!

* Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was originally released in 2009. However, the US release date was in 2010, so I'm counting it towards this year.


  1. Nice list. I would probably take out Kick Ass completely though. I'd consider moving Inception out of the top spot and putting it at, say, #11. Predators, while fun, would probably not be on my list either. I'd find room for these pictures somewhere: The Crazies, The Other Guys, The Losers (instead of The A-team?), Piranha 3-D (#1?), and maybe Youth in Revolt. Maybe.

  2. Appreciate the recommendations, Though I've seen The Losers and will definitely be adding it to the list. I thought Youth in Revolt was last year, but I just checked and no it's 2010 so I'll have to give it a check. I'll give Crazies, Other Guys and Piranha 3-D a look but haven't gotten to them yet.

    Half these titles will likely be gone by the time the end of the year comes up, so we'll see what happens.

  3. Still no Piranha 3D? And I'd probably have 'The Last Exorcism' in my top ten. Have you seen 'Machete' or 'The American' yet?

  4. I actually just saw Piranha 3-D on Monday, and when I get around to writing a review, you'll see where I think it stacks up. Unfortunately, I've seen so many movies lately that it's backed up likely for a couple of weeks. I've still got to put out reviews for The Crazies, Youth in Revolt, The Bounty Hunter, Repo Men, and Green Zone. I haven't seen Machete, The Last Exorcism, or The American YET, but rest assured I'll squeeze them into my schedule when I can. And that doesn't even include Resident Evil Afterlife, The Other Guys, there's a lot to catch up on.

  5. I just watched 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and, while I thought it was mostly great, it went on about 20 minutes too long. I mean, we got that great climax and then the thing kept going and my interest waned a little bit. Honestly, I thought Helen or Harriet or whatever her name was was beside the that point. Or something.

    Oh, and I just saw (in the comment above) where I said Piranha 3-D is #1. Except, there's a question mark there. So, it's debatable and I'm also pretty sure I must have been joking?

  6. Though I don't have a review for GWTDT, let me just say that between the faithfulness to the original material (with very few exceptions), excellent acting, and one of the very best and most intriguing characters of all time, it's one of the more taut and gripping films I saw this year, very much on par with Inception (I had a difficult time choosing between them for #1 while compiling this list). You're right in that the ending is a bit long, but I didn't mind, since it was true to the book. My only real complaint was that in a country known for it's populace's natural beauty, most of the actors were, how can I say this, sub-par on the surface. Acting-wise they were wonderful, but not the handsome and beautiful people I had visualized while reading the book.

    And you might have been joking (or inebriated), but at least we know now that I didn't misquote you. :)

  7. So happy you like-a da catfish. However book of eli....Well. I cant say its the WORST of the year, but only because i walked outta the theatre after 40 minutes or so. For me? my favorites of the year either have to be i love you philip morris or Scott pilgrim. Worst?......dare-i-say, Machete!!!

  8. Watched a preview for I Love You Phillip Morris... not sure how I feel yet about actually watching that, but we'll see. I'm just not a Jim Carey fan. I love Pilgrim too, but the books are better. Couldn't disagree with you more on Book of Eli, but taste is subjective, I loved it. The worst I can say about Machete is that it was lazily made and completely uninspired, nothing original about it. It was still better by far than Repo Men or Legion.

  9. Shameless plug alert!!! You should read moi's review of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" as I cover the film adaptation AND the book. It's good least that's the word on the street.

    P.S. I clearly need to see more these films as I've only seen "GWTDT" and "Kick-Ass."

  10. All these films on the list right now I heartily recommend, though some come with caveats. I know you probably won't see A-Team or Resident Evil, but they were definitely up there for me.

  11. I liked your list. We share some of the same picks, but I've got a couple unconventional favorites of my own. They are here: in case you're interested.